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Leo Group (002131 SZ) has three main focus:Leo Pump, Leo Digital and Leo Investment.

Leo Holdings Hong Kong Limited. was established in 2008 and belongs to Leo Group (002131 SZ), a listed company in Mainland China. Leo Hong Kong has both international vision and rich experience in corporate operation and management. The company's main business segment in Hong Kong is trading and investment holding.

The investment sector focuses on: New energy, Biomedicine, TMT and Other fields, spanning all stages of equity investment such as seed investment, angel investment, private equity investment, listed company investment, and M&A investment. At present, it has successively participated in and completed Approved outstanding investment projects. Among them, LI Auto, New Scenery, Zhejiang Danong, and Yixiang Haoju have launched or successfully listed on domestic and overseas exchanges. At present, the company's investment business is accelerating into the harvest period. In addition, it also involves Pre-IPO, secondary market and large fund investment.

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